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Static default aircraft parking at KFRG. Works best with KFRG addon kfrg2.zip available at Flightsim.com. Another great enhacement would be at-6_texan_multi_pack_5.zip available at AVSIM.

Static default parking at KALM. Flightplans and AFCAD included.

Static flightplans using default airliners to create a boneyard at KIGM in Arizona. Flightplans and AFCAD included.

Static default parking at KHWV. Flightplans and AFCAD included.

Flightplans only for KC-135 repaints by Mark Heimer at Grissom AFB.

Add-on for KBDL Bradley Intl. Airport. Includes AFCAD and flightplans for choppers to appear at military apron. Also adds some more GA parking. Upgrade of scenery by Mach-1 Design Group. Third party choppers needed.

Static default flightplans to add parking at Brantford airport - CYFD - Canada. Enhances the scenery from Flight Ontario. Flightplans only.

Flightplans for Mark Heimer repaints at Spangdahlem AB in Europe. Flightplans only.

Flight Plans and Flight Plan Packs See included read me files for more information. Avsim Download Avsim Download Avsim Download Avsim Download Avsim Download Avsim Download

Static default parking at KBGM. Flightplans and AFCAD included.

JetGo Australia AI flight plans with
custom YOSB AFX airport file.

Avsim Download

Ai flight plans for all of my Vision Air repaints (except retro). Remove the old flight plans that came with the previous packages.

Ai flight plans for all of my Balesin Island Club repaints. Custom afcad for the Balesin Island Resort included. See readme file for information.

Ai flight plans for the two Cessna 206 trainers of the Escuela Militar de Aviacion de Guatemala repaints.

Southern California Logistics Airport, also known as Victorville Airport for FS9. This is a very simple package designed as an enhancement to the default airport KVCV using an updated afcad and ai flight plans.

Avsim Download Avsim Download Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here Download Here